Delayed transfers of care is one of the greatest challenges faced by NHS hospitals across England and Wales. Patients without access to the right aftercare and social support, but who would otherwise be suitable for discharge from hospital, must remain in the care of the NHS. 

‘Bed blocking’, as it is commonly known, is an extremely expensive challenge, costing up to £400 per day for each patient. Not only does this restrict others’ access to much needed treatment; it can also lead to healthy patients becoming ill again due to hospital-contracted illnesses such as MRSA. Delayed transfer of care creates a vicious cycle that hospitals can find it very difficult to overcome, despite all the hard work of hospital staff and adult social services within the local authorities. 

We offer a compassionate, efficient patient discharge service across England and Wales. We can take care of a patient’s discharge on a hospital’s behalf, making sure that they safely return home and that they are supported with the care and support they need after they leave hospital. 

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What are patient discharge services?

Our patient discharge services return patients to their homes safely, reducing their stay in hospital and avoiding unnecessary delays. We provide hospital aftercare, ensuring that patients are adequately cared for during their recovery period.

We can provide the following patient discharge services:

• Assessing a patient’s care needs prior to discharge
• Creating a post-discharge care plan
• Providing temporary domiciliary care or sitting services until a long- term provider can be found 

We also consider practical aspects of social support that, although seemingly small, can have a big impact on whether patients can return home. This can include:

• A locksmith service, ensuring the patient has access to their home
• Transport from hospital
• Buying changes of clothes and personal care items
• Purchasing food items
• Picking up and delivering medication
• Checking in with a patient to ensure they are being cared for correctly 

Types of Patient Discharge Services

Postoperative Care_thumb.png

Postoperative Care

Care and support following a medical procedure

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Convalescent Care_thumb.png

Convalescent Care

Short-term support following an injury or procedure

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Reablement Care_thumb.png

Reablement Care

Interim care after a hospital stay during recovery

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Who are our patient discharge services for?

My Care My Home can work directly with hospitals and/or local authorities across England and Wales. Hospitals who are experiencing a large number of delayed transfers of care would benefit from this service. Often, a hospital manager or unit leader will contact us to make arrangements to outsource a portion of their patient discharge requirements.

We can also work with local authorities in England and Wales on a contractual basis. We provide support to local authorities by helping them to reduce the number of DTOC patients in their region’s hospitals and care facilities. This service is particularly relevant to those local authorities experiencing a high number of delays due to capacity issues. 

“The assessment and aftercare I received was absolutely first class. My discharge from hospital was clearly explained to me in a way that was easy to understand, and the carers who visited me were wonderful - it was very impressive.”

Patient discharge services from My Care My Home

My Care My Home is a highly experienced provider of patient discharge services. We are registered with the CQC in England and the CIW  in Wales. We can be relied upon to provide an efficient and compassionate service, helping patients to leave hospital as soon as they are ready. 

As dedicated care professionals, we can work closely with hospital teams to develop detailed care plans for patients, so that they have access to high quality care from the moment they leave hospital. From small practical arrangements to specialist care provision, we consider every aspect of a patient’s discharge to avoid unnecessary delays in their return home. 

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We are an approved NHS Shared Business Services supplier for Patient Discharge Services. We are on the framework which offers NHS Trusts and Local Authorities several benefits including:

• OJEC Avoidance
• Direct Award
* Volume Discount

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Yasmine John, CEO, My Care My Home

“It’s often the little things that prevent patients from being discharged from hospital, like not being able to get into their house, or needing support with taking their medication. Because this is an area we know really well, we can make sure every aspect of a patient’s aftercare is considered, which helps hospitals and local authorities to discharge them on time.”

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