Huntington’s disease is an inherited health condition that causes the brain to gradually lose some of its capabilities.

The effects can range from mild to severe with both physical and mental abilities becoming impacted. The extent to which patients are suffering is ultimately what decides whether or not specialised care is required.

With the vast majority of Huntington’s disease patients requiring additional assistance with everyday life, a tailored care solution has been developed solely for those afflicted.

Keep reading to discover how you can begin sourcing Huntington’s disease care for you or someone you love through My Care My Home.


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What is Huntington’s Disease Care?

When the effects of Huntington’s disease begin to show, it can quickly become apparent that day-to-day life can no longer be upheld. As a major cause of dementia, Huntington’s disease affects 8 out of every 100,000 UK citizens every year, preventing many from looking after themselves. For these reasons, specialised nursing care for Huntington’s disease is required.

Huntington’s disease care aims to help patients cope with the various side-affects caused by the condition, allowing them to continue living their lives with as little interruption as possible.

Occupational therapy is one of the main ways in which the disease is treated and thus forms an integral part of Huntington’s disease care. However, there are further tasks undertaken to treat Huntington’s disease, such as:

• Administering medication
• Undertaking physiotherapy
• Speech therapy


Who is Huntington’s Disease Care For?

With a primary focus on caring for those diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, this specialised form of condition-led care can be applicable to those who are likely to require daily assistance as a result of Huntington’s disease.

You may be eligible for Huntington’s disease care if you fall into any of these categories:


Mobility Problems

Those finding it difficult to navigate their homes or the outside world may wish to seek Huntington’s disease care as a potential means of regaining some independence.


Communication Difficulties

Huntington’s disease makes communication extremely complicated. Early speech therapy can help identify potential future issues and develop effective coping mechanisms.

"We can't thank you and your wonderful team enough for what you do for our family. The care, support and love that we have been afforded means so much to us at such a difficult time.”

- Sally Bowden

How My Care My Home Can Help

My Care My Home is a home care services provider with years of combined experience in sourcing and providing expert care. Backed by a team of care and retirement specialists, we are able to cater for a wide variety of different health conditions through domiciliary care, sitting services, and a wide range of condition-led care services.

We also provide independent information and advice to anyone looking to source care for a family member. Whether you’re looking into arranging a will or setting up Power of Attorney; we can help.

Based in South Wales and Wigan, we provide our services directly within these locations with the rest of Wales and England being covered via our carer shortlisting service.

No matter what your demands are, we will do our best to support you through the sometimes-difficult caregiving process.

Who else can help?

The Huntington's Disease Association are also on hand to help with any specific queries you may have about the disease.

How We Work

We usually deliver our services via a three-step process. Typically, your time with us will look like this:


1. Contact

This first phase is crucial. It is where we get to know you and learn more about your condition and circumstances. A friendly member of our team will keep in close contact with you as we begin to understand exactly what it is that you need help with.

2. Consultation

With some initial information gathered, we then liaise with our wide network of care experts to determine which of our services are most applicable to you. Whether it be provided from us directly or delivered through our trusted network of carers, the service you receive will be tailored as per your demands.

3. Continual Monitoring

Once we have arranged the necessary care services, we endeavour to keep in contact with you as much as possible. This is so we can keep tabs on your service and determine whether or not any changes need to be made.

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