Our homes contain wonderful memories and can mean so much more to us than just somewhere to live. 

Most people would prefer to keep living in their home in old age. Unfortunately, without the right support, staying at home can become difficult. Things that used to feel like simple tasks can quickly become quite challenging, leaving many older people unable to adequately care for themselves at home.

Domiciliary care is a fantastic option for people who want to keep living in their home but could benefit from extra support. You will receive home care visits from reliable care assistants who can help you to go about your day the way you would like to.  

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What is domiciliary care?

Quite simply, domiciliary care is care delivered at home. Domiciliary care assistants make routine home care visits to make things easier and more comfortable for you. 

From health care to social support, domiciliary care comes in many forms, and is delivered according to a detailed care plan developed to meet your needs. Care plans cover all sorts of things, from where you like to buy your food to when you take your medication.

You can receive as many home care visits as you would like throughout the week. The length of these visits are up to you. A visit can be anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour, 2 hours or a whole day or night. Some of our service users receive domiciliary care visits a couple of times a week, whilst others receive regular visits throughout the day.

Domiciliary care assistants can help you with tasks like: 

• Personal care 
• Administering or prompting medication 
• Domestic chores
• Meal preparation 
• Running errands 
• Local travel

When you receive domiciliary care, support can come in a number of ways, but importantly, you set the expectations about the kind of care you would like to receive. You, or someone you nominate on your behalf, can specify the kind of help you would like. 

Many of our customers are concerned that receiving home care visits will cause them to lose their independence. Our care assistants won’t make assumptions and will only provide you with support and assistance with tasks that you have requested yourself.

Two thirds of people over the age of 65 would prefer to receive domiciliary care than move in with their family or into a care home. (Bettal)

Who is domiciliary care for?

Domiciliary care is suitable for people who could benefit from some extra support carrying out their daily activities, but who do not want to move into an alternative residence, such as a care home. 

In general, people using domiciliary care have a medium to low level of support requirement. In some circumstances, more frequent support is needed, such as when someone has a serious health condition or a mobility issue. When this is the case, we usually recommend live-in care instead.

“My mum loves her domiciliary care assistants! They always make the most of their visits by doing odd jobs around the house. They go above and beyond to support my mum; they’re like part of the family to us now.”

Domiciliary care from My Care My Home

If you live near to one of our branches in South Wales or Wigan, home care visits will be made by one of our carers. Our carers are known for their genuine enthusiasm for helping others and for their caring and friendly natures.

If you live outside of our branch areas, we can assist by shortlisting care providers on your behalf. We are experienced at finding carers that match our customers’ requirements. So you can be assured of the quality of the care providers, without having to research hundreds of options.


Joanne Davies, Director of Care

“It’s so rewarding to see the difference our domiciliary care service can make. When customers first approach us, they’re often experiencing challenging circumstances. Our care assistants provide a great deal of reassurance, both to our service users and to their family members.” 

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