What is Dementia?

Dementia is an over-arching term used to describe the progressive mental syndrome that affects over 850,000 people a year in the UK, with figures growing at unprecedented rates.

Due to the way in which dementia manifests itself within patients, physical and mental abilities can deteriorate rapidly. Thus, the caring requirements for those suffering with dementia increase accordingly.

During early stages, dementia care at home is possible. This will involve regular visits, multiple times per day. Or if required overnight care and sitting services that can be for several hours or a whole day. However, although dementia care in your own home is often the preferred option, as symptoms worsen, entering a specialist nursing home may become necessary.

To discover how we can help you source appropriate dementia care for you or your loved ones, keep reading and find out what services are available.

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What is Dementia Care?

This service outlines the type of care and support that is available to people who have been given a diagnosis of dementia.

Over time, dementia patients begin to lose many of their own competences; something that significantly impacts their quality of life. To provide assistance with this, dementia care exists to deliver help and aid within a residential setting or an individual’s own home.

Key aspects of dementia care include:

• Providing medication
• Increasing mobility
• Maintaining daily tasks such as meals and cleaning
• Assisting with personal care needs when required


Alzheimer’s Care

Ongoing care delivered by qualified Alzheimer’s experts

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Frontotemporal Dementia Care

Speech, physical and mental health care for frontotemporal dementia sufferers

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Vascular Dementia Care_thumb.jpg

Vascular Dementia Care

Specialised care for individuals diagnosed with vascular dementia

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Lewy Body Dementia Care

A focus on mental wellbeing for dementia with Lewy bodies

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Early Onset Dementia Care-thumb.png

Early Onset Dementia Care

Aiding those with early symptoms of dementia

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“I will never forget the support you have given me - words cannot express how having such reliable & caring staff can lift the stress when caring for someone with dementia.” - Rhian Walsh

Who is Dementia Care For?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for dementia; however, dementia care is available to those living with the condition.

The main symptoms of dementia include:

• Loss of memory
• Lack of concentration
• Difficulty with everyday tasks
• Mood swings
• General confusion
• Trouble communicating

How My Care My Home Can Help

A dementia diagnosis can be a major shock to both families and patients. Thankfully, help is available to those who are struggling.

At My Care My Home, it is our goal to ensure that you feel supported throughout all stages of delivering care. We are here to give expert information, guidance and advice, regardless of the circumstance. We are also proud to be a Dementia Friendly business.

If you live in select areas of South Wales or Wigan, we can supply our services directly. Aside from this, our network of trusted caregivers are available to provide care across England and Wales.

1. Contact Us

You can contact our team of experienced, care advisors via phone, email, or chat. During this time, we will begin to understand you and the situation you are in.

2. Continual Assistance

For the duration of your time with us, we will do everything possible to ensure that your needs are met. Whether this is through sourcing additional help, or by keeping track of your progress.

3. Alterations

As your circumstances change, so should your care. To better accommodate for the gradual changes associated with dementia, our team will constantly look out for ways in which we can improve your quality of life.

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