When taking care of yourself on your own becomes too difficult, it can feel like you’re totally losing your independence. Without support, many senior people are required to leave their own home which is often the place where they feel most comfortable. But moving into a retirement home isn’t the right choice for everyone. For many, it would mean losing a vital connection with family, friends and their communities.

My Care My Home wants everyone to have access to the type of care that’s most suitable for them. Our Sitting Service provides you or a loved one with support from personal care assistants twenty-four hours a day. Care responsibilities are divided between two primary carers who will be there to support throughout the day and night.

You’ll receive the reassurance that someone will be on hand to help with both routine care provision and any unexpected needs that may arise. You can feel safe in the knowledge that our carefully selected assistants will deliver a high quality and consistent level of support whenever it is needed, helping you to keep living at home.

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What are Sitting Services?

Our Sitting Service is similar to Live-In Care. The key difference is that your care assistants do not live in your home - instead, you will receive two extended visits per day.

Our Sitting Service provides service users with continuous support throughout the day and night. Care is delivered in two 12-hour instalments, with a day care and night care assistant there to support you at all times. While they’ll help you to carry out your daily activities, your assistants will also respect your boundaries and will understand if you would prefer to carry out certain activities on your own.

Everyone’s care needs are different, so each person’s care package will be structured in a different way. However, a typical day could look like this:

Day time

• Personal care 
• Prompting or Administering medication
• Laundry
• Local travel
• Social outings
• Hobbies


• Personal care
• Prompting or Administering medication 
• Nutrition
• Hydration
• Keeping you company
• Responding to unexpected care needs

Who are Sitting Services for?

Our Sitting Service is suitable for older people who want to remain in their homes, but who cannot do so without additional care provision. It has been designed for those who would prefer their care assistants not to live with them, but who require round-the-clock support. 

This service is likely to suit people who need a higher level of care provision. For those with occasional care needs, the domiciliary care service may be more appropriate. 

20% of people aged 50 and over feel that age prevents them from doing things that they would like to do. (Centre for Aging Better)

Sitting Services from My Care My Home

All of our care services are delivered with the best interests of our care recipients front of mind. As an objective service provider, we will never suggest care options unless our independent assessors believe they are suitable for you or your loved one.

If you’re not sure whether Sitting Services are right for you, speak to one of our impartial care advisors, who will be able to offer insight and guidance.


Joanne Davies, Director of Care

“We work hard to make sure that all of our care recipients receive a level of support that meets their individual needs. Whether they would like a care assistant close by for peace of mind, or need regular, specialised care, our Sitting Service helps older people to keep living at home for longer.”

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