Free advice from expert advisors

Free advice from expert advisors

We're here to give you personalised information and advice to help you find and fund the care you deserve

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Support, Care and Advice

Our range of services support our customers to make the right choices when it comes to their care. Whether you need help understanding your options or would like some extra help throughout the day, our services empower you to make the right choices about your care.


Free Care Advice

We'll guide you through the process and answer your questions to make sure you have the support you need. Our helpline is open seven days a week.

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Paying for Care

Find out if you're eligible for help with the cost of your care and discover solutions for funding the care you need. 

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Care Needs Assessments

Our assessments can be completed within 10 working days so you can find out what kind of support is required for you or your loved one without the wait.

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The Care and Home Inheritance Plan

You don't need to sell your home to pay for care. The Care and Home Inheritance Plan funds your care home fees and keeps your home in the family.

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What our customers say

Peter Duncan

“I love my carers; they always know what I like best without them even asking me! They make me laugh and they say and do the nicest things for me.”

Phil and Diane Marsh, Oxfordshire and Cumbria

“My Care My Home helped us to find a way through a very complicated situation. They followed up every question (we had so many) and guided us through local authority confusion. They helped us to get the very best solution for our relative. We are so grateful and thoroughly recommend their service.”

Rhian Walsh

“I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for Mum. Your staff are all so caring and easy to get along with. They have lifted our stress and have been nothing but reliable. I will never forget the support you have given us.”

Julie Pickford, Oxfordshire

“Kirsten has been the epitome of kindness and understanding. So helpful and such a good listener. Very professional.”


Information Hub

In the Information Hub, we answer some of the most common questions about care. You'll also find guides to help you plan for the future and navigate the care system.

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