With one in six UK adults experiencing mental health disorders, it’s clear to see that many of us could do with a helping hand.

Whether receiving care or giving it, there are many different mental health conditions that can interfere with and affect everyday life

If you need help, you’re not alone; My Care My Home are highly experienced in the provision of mental health care services. Keep reading to discover the various ways in which we can help you.

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What is Mental Health Care?

Mental health care is instrumental in supporting people who are struggling to cope with day-to-day life due to mental health conditions. Mental health issues often lead to health and wellbeing decline, including thinking, mood and behaviour being affected, and care can help make coping easier.  

With care, supervision and support available on a short or long-term basis, the ultimate objective is to orchestrate methods in which patients are able to better cope with their daily lives.

Who is Mental Health Care For?

Anyone with a mental health condition can access mental health care, no matter their age or location.

The type and extent of care received ultimately depends on the recommendations of an initial consultation with a trained professional and your GP.

Here are just a few conditions which may lead to care:

Mood Disorders

As their name implies, mood disorders are categorised by their ability to impact our mood and feelings. There are around 4 million cases of mood disorders diagnosed every year in the UK.

Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are grouped into three categories (suspicious, emotional and impulsive, and anxious), with each one characterising the different disorders within it. Together, personality disorders affect more than 13% of those over the age of 16.

Behavioural Disorders

People with behavioural disorders may act or portray their feelings in different ways. Although varied, behavioural disorders can affect a person’s ability to regulate and express their feelings.


“Dad was extremely resistant to any outside involvement, it's a credit to your staff that they managed to win him round. He thoroughly enjoyed your visits.”

- Angela Webber

How My Care My Home Can Help

Arranging mental health care can be particularly challenging, especially if you are the one that’s suffering.

At My Care My Home, our ultimate goal is to help you look after yourself or a loved one as best as possible. With our conjoined years of experience, our team of care specialists are able to assist you by pairing you with a friendly and experienced mental health carer who can provide support where required.

Whether you need help arranging your own capacity assessments, or need general information and advice regarding caregiving, we can help.

We operate up and down the UK, with the ability to provide many care services directly in South Wales or Wigan.

How Does it Work?

1. Consultation

The consultation is the first step in our process. Here, a friendly member of our team will talk with you and discuss your difficulties and circumstances.

2. Strategy

With our initial information gathered, we liaise with our wide network of carers and shortlist potential services that we feel may benefit you. Whether that be mental health care at home or in a specialist facility.

3. Support

Once your services are in place, we will keep in frequent contact with you, relatives and your doctors to determine whether or not there are any additional aspects of your care that may require attention. If there are, we will do our best to address them and ultimately help you live a better life.

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