Resuming care is often a complicated task following a hospital stay. This is especially difficult for elderly people as their ability to look after themselves may have become compromised after an incident or because of a condition.

It is estimated that approximately 15% of elderly patients are readmitted to hospital within 28 days of discharge. To help those individuals re-adjust to everyday life and reduce this statistic, convalescent care is available to anyone who has been discharged from hospital to provide care in the interim periods between hospital and home life.

Depending on the severity of the situation, convalescent care may be delivered through end-of-life care, intermediate care, or palliative care.

Read on to find out how My Care My Home can help you source and receive convalescent care and help you re-acquire your independence once again.

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What is Convalescent Care?

Convalescent care describes the assistance provided to recovering individuals upon returning home from hospital.

Convalescent care at home is typically more beneficial to individuals who wish to remain in a familiar environment in which they can readjust to life at their own pace. However, convalescent care can also be delivered through care home environments.

Prior to convalescent care being arranged, individuals will likely need to undergo a quick assessment of their abilities. This helps determine the exact level of aid that is needed to truly support everyday life.

Who is Convalescent Care For?

While it is sometimes better for patients to fully recover in hospital, sometimes this is not a possibility. As such, convalescent care is best suited for those who are likely to make a full recovery no matter the cause of their newly found condition.

Available either in short or long periods, convalescent home care services can be tailored to all sorts of individuals regardless of their age or circumstance. This service is further differentiated to others thanks to the increased number of resources, skills and tools that convalescent carers will have access to.


Elderly People

Procedures like hip replacements are needed much more commonly in senior citizens. The recovery time of which can range from one to six months. Therefore, convalescent carers are able to aid with physical mobility to help promote movement and potentially speed up recovery.


Young Adults

Although not as common, convalescent care is sometimes needed for young adults following a difficult medical procedure or accident. The presence of convalescent carers can allow for reduced recovery times as they support a wider care regime.



One of the most common demanding factors for convalescent care is a major medical procedure. By following the recommendations of doctors and other medical staff, convalescent carers can facilitate recovery and improve a patient’s quality of life while they focus on getting better.

For slightly more involved scenarios, some may wish to look towards postoperative care as it enables a greater level of care thanks to increased resources and skills.


How My Care My Home Can Help

Thanks to years of experience, our team can meet the demands of many individuals through a targeted approach to care. We are also on hand to help families and friends deal with the difficulties that can arise in their lives through free information and advice.

To ensure that the care we provide is of the highest level, all our carers undergo a rigorous recruitment process. This helps us source the most qualified individuals in the country, all of which are equipped to deal with a variety of complicated situations.

Our branches are located in South Wales and Wigan, enabling us to provide our services directly in both places. However, our services also stretch up and down Wales and England thanks to our list of trusted caregivers located up and down both countries.

What We Do

We appreciate that everyone’s needs are different. Therefore, we endeavour to deliver a unique experience for all of our clients. In general, our process follows three steps:

1. First Contact

This first stage is essential. Here we meet with you and conduct our initial information gathering. When you reach out to us, a member of our team will discuss your situation and acquire a deeper understanding of your objectives and needs. This ultimately informs which one of our services we provide.

2. Continual Assistance

Once we have gathered our initial set of information, we consult with our internal team to discover which of our care services are of most benefit to you. We will keep in frequent contact with you throughout this stage, so, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

3. Moving Forward

Thanks to many years of experience working with elderly people, we know all too well how drastically circumstances can change as time goes on. So, once your services are set up and for the duration of your time with us, we will conduct frequent check-ins to see if there are any ways in which your services can be improved upon. If anything needs amending, we will do it swiftly and keep you informed every step of the way.

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