Living with complex health conditions can often mean that professional services are required. This can vary depending on the situation, but should never prevent people from retaining a high-functioning lifestyle.

Condition-led care is a way in which care can be tailored towards specific wants or needs, in order to meet difficult objectives where others have failed.

Whatever the requirements may be, discover the many ways in which My Care My Home can help here.

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What is condition-led care?

From cognitive to physical demands, condition-led care outlines the many ways in which caring practices are altered to better accommodate for a patient’s various needs.

Whether it’s appointing mental health experts to cater for dementia patients, or for skilled nurses well-versed in physical disabilities, condition-led care ultimately aims to provide the right services, from the right people.

Types of Condition-led Care

Although condition-led care is a customisable, bespoke service; there are some initial types of care already available.


Dementia Care

Support from experienced dementia specialists.

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Alzheimer’s Care

Ongoing care delivered by qualified Alzheimer’s experts.

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Angina Care

Easing physical pains and solving daily challenges.

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Mental Health Care__thumb.png

Mental Health Care

Care and support for the mind.

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Diabetes Care__thumb.png

Diabetes Care

Managing and maintaining diabetes complications.

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Multiple Sclerosis Care__thumb.png

Multiple Sclerosis Care

Adapted solutions for multiple sclerosis sufferers.

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Parkinson’s Disease Care__thumb.png

Parkinson’s Disease Care

In-home support for Parkinson’s disease.

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Physical Disability Care

Providing solutions for various physical disabilities.

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Lewy Body Dementia Care

A focus on mental wellbeing for dementia with Lewy bodies.

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Vascular Dementia Care_thumb.jpg

Vascular Dementia Care

Specialised care for patients diagnosed with vascular dementia.

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Hearing and Visual Impairment Care_thumbs

Hearing and Visual Impairment Care

Rehabilitation services for those with audible and visual impairments.

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Frontotemporal Dementia Care

Speech, physical and mental therapy for frontotemporal dementia sufferers.

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How My Care My Home Can Help

At My Care My Home, we firmly believe that everyone has the right to care, no matter the circumstance.

Our expert team of care specialists have amassed many years in the caregiving sector, bringing with them invaluable knowledge of how various procedures and protocols are carried out. This allows us to inform our clients of everything they need to know.

We can supply our services directly to select locations in South Wales or the Wigan area. Failing this, outside these areas, we can refer to our extensive network of trusted caregivers to find someone dependable. My Care My Home also work in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations and can signpost you to the most suitable service for your circumstances if needed.

1. Reaching Out

When you reach out to us, a friendly member of our team will speak with you about your care wants and needs. This is a very important step, so be sure to take as much time as you need to outline your situation. With our information gathered, we then look towards sourcing different care services we feel would be the most beneficial, arranging them as required.

2. Monitoring

As time goes on, conditions change. To ensure that your care is of the best quality, we constantly monitor our clients to look out for any changes in their physical or mental wellbeing.

3. Adjustment

If we feel that more can be done, we will begin sourcing additional forms of condition-led care that can help ease any new pains that have arisen.

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