There are a multitude of reasons as to why someone may need additional care and support after a stay in hospital. For some, it is an extremely difficult time that imposes lengthy recovery times, to which, reablement care can provide a helping hand.

Often arranged before a patient leaves hospital, reablement care is a temporary form of care that is provided to patients who have become hospitalised due to an incident or illness.

With a strict focus on boosting a patient’s independence, reablement care is frequently delivered by a team of health and social care professionals. You may sometimes receive this for up to 6 weeks free of charge.

To find out how you can start arranging effective reablement care for you or someone you love, keep reading as we discuss the ins and outs of reablement care. 

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What is Reablement Care?

Reablement care is an overarching term used to describe a form of care delivered following discharge from hospital. Sometimes confused with postoperative care and convalescent care, reablement care is different in the sense that it is centred on however long it takes for patients to return to full independence.

While there are many tasks involved with reablement care, the most common ones undertaken by carers include:

  • Assisting physiotherapy regimes
  • Nursing care for more difficult cases
  • Preparing food and monitoring diets
  • Dressing and general hygiene


Who is Reablement Care For?

Unlike some forms of patient discharge services, reablement is predominately suited for elderly people aged 65 and over who wish to remain living in their home.


Care Home Avoidance

Reablement is especially useful to individuals looking to avoid living in a care home. Provided that this is possible, reablement carers can conduct frequent home visits to help with the many day-to-day tasks that patients may face. This can be anything from getting out of bed to administering medication at the right time.


Post-Hospital Stays

Many hospital procedures can leave us unable to look after ourselves for a period of time. To help us re-learn skills and get back to normality, reablement care is intended to help patients restore their abilities. This is handled by carers that work with patients, not for them.

“I have a highly trained and motivated small team of carers that have gently (and expertly) coaxed me back to the physical health I once enjoyed over two years ago! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending My Care My Home.”
- Mr Edwards

How My Care My Home Can Help

At My Care My Home, your care is our priority.

In addition to many years of experience in arranging reablement care, our team is made up of care professionals with a collective drive to deliver the best service possible to our clients.

Whether you’re looking to arrange a care needs and capacity assessment to determine if extra help is required, or if you’re interested in receiving free information and advice about caregiving, My Care My Home can help.

Based in South Wales and Wigan, we service the whole of Wales and England via a network of carers. Each of them has passed our rigorous recruitment process in which we only choose the most dedicated and qualified individuals.

No matter what your care needs are, we will do our absolute best to ensure your needs are met at all stages.

What Happens?

1. First Meeting

Everything starts the second you decide to contact us. At this stage, a friendly member of our consultation team will talk through your challenges and difficulties, making notes as to how our services may benefit you.

2. Service Selection

With our first set of information gathered, we then refer to our wider team of specialists to shortlist which of our care services you are entitled to receive.

3. Ongoing Support

In acknowledgment of how quickly situations can change, a key part of our offering comes in the continual support that we give to our clients after our services are enrolled. This helps us make any necessary changes in a timely manner, allowing you to focus on getting better.

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