It’s no secret that caregiving is an extremely difficult task. At no point is this truer than when faced with the harsh reality of life.

Although a difficult time, My Care My Home believes that everyone is entitled to both comfort and dignity during their final years.

End of life care can provide a much needed helping hand that allows individuals to continue their lives as comfortably as possible.

Keep reading to discover how My Care My Home can help you through this particularly challenging time of life.

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What is End of Life Care?

End of life care describes the sort of care that is provided to individuals that are nearing the end of their lives. With a focus on comfort and simplicity, there are many aspects covered within end of life care, such as: physical demands, mental wellbeing and planning ahead.

Depending on your requirements, end of life care can be delivered in nursing homes, hospitals or domiciliary settings.

Who is End of Life Care For?

End of life care is applicable to a wide range of people; more specifically, it is of particular importance to those with recent diagnoses of terminal illnesses, or elderly people facing health complications.


People in Ill-Health

We understand how difficult it must be when coming to terms with a life-changing health diagnosis. Our team is well-equipped to help you through this time and ensure you make the right decision about the care you receive.


Elderly People

If you are approaching your later years in life, My Care My Home is able to assist you with your end of life care demands.


Family Members

End of life care is also available to family members through bereavement support and counselling services.

“My mum received excellent care at home during her final few months. The team were very caring and kind. I felt nothing was too much trouble. They were very professional but also built a great friendship with my mum.”

- Sue Horwood

How My Care My Home Can Help

My Care My Home can help you source the right type of care for your circumstances. Be it end of life care at home or in hospital, we are able to work with you to determine the best possible solution for your needs.

Our team of experts have accrued many years of experience in the caregiving sector, as such, they are able to answer many questions and settle your concerns while navigating this sometimes-confusing part of life.

The Process

My Care My Home works with you to determine your goals and objectives. The typical process usually looks like this:

1. Consultation

The entire process starts here. Whether you call, email, or chat to us, someone from our team will consult with you to determine what it is you wish to achieve.

2. Objectives

At this stage, we will work with you to determine your objectives and solve any problems you are facing. This will ultimately form the type of service you receive and is a fundamental step in allowing us to help you.

3. Future Plan

We like to keep track of our progress for both ours and your benefit. This allows us to see exactly how you want to be supported and whether or not we can achieve what you’re looking for. From this point on, we will conduct frequent check-ins to ensure you’re still satisfied and that everything is going to plan.

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