Palliative care is a term that is often used interchangeably with end of life care. However, palliative care differs slightly in the sense that it revolves around pain management during terminal illness, as opposed to an all-encompassing care solution.

Palliative care is a sometimes-necessary tool utilised in the caregiving process. It ensures that people suffering from painful illnesses can retain a better quality of life.

My Care My Home are well versed in the process of sourcing palliative care at home or in residential care homes. Keep reading to discover how we can help.

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What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care covers the medical treatment, support and assistance that is provided to patients suffering from chronic or terminal illness. The practice has a specific objective of relieving painful symptoms to help suffering patients live comfortably.

There are many steps involved with providing palliative care. However, the goal is always the same: to adhere to a patient’s needs and improve their quality of life.

Who is Palliative Care For?

Provided that there are justifiable needs, anyone can receive palliative care to help alleviate their pain.

Individuals that may demand palliative care more than others include elderly people, cancer patients, and those suffering from long-term medical illness.

Elderly People

There are many things that affect our health as we get older, but this does not mean that you should suffer. Contact us to see how we can help.

Family Members

Palliative care does not end with patients. Watching a loved one go through pain is devastating, but our team can help you cope.


I cannot fault the care I received when I came home from hospital.

- Lynn Haines

How My Care My Home Can Help

By ensuring that your needs are met, My Care My Home can provide you with expert advice and guidance on palliative care at home or in hospitals.

Thanks to our extensive experience and list of trusted individuals across the UK, we can introduce you to an appropriate carer. Or, if you live in South Wales or the Wigan area, we may also be able to provide you with palliative care services directly through My Care My Home.

We know how complicated it can seem, hence why we are here to provide you with the support you need when securing palliative care for yourself or someone you love.

We work with experienced caregiving professionals that have years of expertise in the sector to ensure that you receive the service you deserve. This allows us to source many reputable caregivers that are highly trained in palliative care.

The Process

Each and every one of our clients receives a tailored experience, but our typical process looks something like this:

1. Consultation

Here we will meet with you to talk about your needs and assess your current care situation. By taking notes and consulting with the rest of our team, we will be able to determine the right amount of care for you.

2. Support and Advice

Once we determine the level of care you need, we begin providing plenty of information about what’s available to you. Throughout your time with us, we encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have about your service - we are more than happy to address them and settle any concerns.

3. Ongoing Plan

With your needs in mind, we will begin arranging an ongoing plan for the duration of your care. Throughout this time, we will document any progress or issues you may have and begin deciphering potential ways of rectifying them in the future.

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