The effects of physical disabilities can vary; although some may have a minimal effect, others may completely alter a person’s life.

Generally, a physical disability is a condition that affect’s flexibility, physical capacity, or endurance. It can be caused through a traumatic event or inherited through genes.

No matter how they are developed, those suffering from physical disabilities can receive care and assistance for completing complicated tasks.

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What is Physical Disability Care?

It is estimated that over 18% of the UK population has some form of physical disability. To accommodate for any additional needs brought on through those disabilities, physical disability care aims to adhere to the unique requirements of each person and solve daily challenges.

The approach taken with physical disability care will differ from person to personas everybody’s demands are different. However, all are entitled to the same level of care.

“The carers were marvellous. They helped me in the shower from the day that I came home from hospital and now I am able to do it myself. I had never had anything like that before, they were friendly and made me feel very comfortable.” - May Pearson

Who is Physical Disability Care For?

As physical disabilities are acquired in numerous ways, physical disability care is available to a wide range of individuals.


Limited Mobility

Finding it difficult to move around? Physical disability care can help increase mobility and potentially re-gain movement. This is achieved via a mixture of physiotherapy and extra equipment around the home.



Some physical disabilities can leave us bound to our wheelchairs, ridding us of our independence. With physical disability care, you can rediscover freedom and get help with everyday chores.

How My Care My Home Can Help

At My Care My Home, we believe it is important to not gauge the impact of a physical disability by its symptoms, rather by the impact it can have on quality-of-life.

Although physical disabilities may make certain tasks complicated, they do not mean that people should suffer.

Due to the intricacy of many physical disabilities, all of our carers and partners are highly experienced in working with a range of conditions, providing their services for many years.

From sourcing an appropriate care provider to providing free information and advice, My Care My Home’s ultimate goal is to help you lead a more comfortable life in spite of physical restrictions.

1. Consulting
First, we encourage you to reach out to our expert team with any questions or concerns you may have. At this point, we will work with you to determine some ways in which additional help could be introduced to your life.

2. Implementation
Based on the findings of our initial consultation, our team will create an effective care plan. We’ll be sure to address any specifics and accommodate for any new-found difficulties.

3. Enrolment
With some objectives set, we begin to introduce our various services. We’re always mindful that circumstances change as time goes on, so we’ll keep in touch.

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