Lewy Body dementia (LBD) is one of the least discussed forms of dementia and, with that, comes an overwhelming lack of awareness.

This lacking awareness raises some particular concerns around how Lewy body dementia patients receive care.

Caused by the development of protein deposits (Lewy bodies) within the brain and nervous system, Lewy body dementia causes a significant deterioration of cognitive and motor abilities.

Keep reading to find out how Lewy body dementia care can help those suffering from the condition and the ways in which My Care My Home can help.

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What Is Lewy Body Dementia Care?

To help combat the various mental and physical challenges that arise from LBD, care for individuals with Lewy body dementia has been created as a form of specialised, condition-led care.

With this form of dementia, an accurate diagnosis is key. It is estimated that around 80% of LBD cases are misdiagnosed as other similar conditions like Parkinson’s Disease or Huntington’s Disease. The result of which can range from incorrectly providing care, to completely disregarding an individual’s actual wants and needs.

Lewy body dementia care describes the daily tasks and duties associated with looking after individuals with LBD in pursuit of a better quality of life.

Who is Lewy Body Dementia Care For?

While the day-to-day care involved with LBD care is primarily intended to be used for LBD patients, there are many extra activities that carers undertake to better prepare others and help support a specialised care regime.


Families and Friends

With many people not being able to determine the differences between certain types of dementia, a key part of LBD care revolves around educating others about the symptoms and causes of LBD. This helps improve awareness around the condition while informing others about the negative side-effects and how to cope with them.


General Confusion

General confusion is a major symptom of Lewy body dementia. To help avoid any further negative implications caused by this confusion, LBD carers will attempt to undertake as many day-to-day activities around the home as possible.


Sleeping Difficulties

LBD patients often struggle to fall asleep, something that can severely impact quality of life. Through a combination of overnight care services, LBD care can provide continuous, round-the-clock monitoring that can help individuals and their loved ones feel safer throughout the night.


Behavioural Changes

A drastic change in behaviour can sometimes be indicative of Lewy body dementia. By continual monitoring, engagement and support, these behavioural changes can be swiftly responded to.

How My Care My Home Can Help

Due to the delicacy involved with providing care to individuals with Lewy Body Dementia, it can sometimes be incredibly difficult to find an effective and meaningful care service.

With vast experience in the caregiving sector, My Care My Home provide care that is tailored to patient’s actual wants and needs. This, in addition to the wealth of guidance offered by care specialists, is what makes My Care My Home well-prepared to assist with a variety of difficult situations.

We service South Wales and Wigan directly, whereas the rest of England and Wales is covered by our wider network of reliable carers. No matter your condition or circumstances, My Care My Home are here to help.

How Does It Work?

Different people have different demands. To help keep things simple, our services are usually delivered through three steps.

1. Prerequisites

When you reach out to us, a friendly member of our team will chat to you about the problems and issues that you are facing. We can even help you arrange anything necessary before your services are enrolled. This can range from an accurate diagnosis to making sure your financial situation is in order. 

2. Shortlisting

With your primary information collected, we then look towards identifying which of our various care services may be of most value and implement them as needed.

3. Ongoing Support

As time goes on, circumstances inevitably change. As such, we aim to make sure that our services always meet your long-term objectives and challenges. To help with this, a representative of our team will be in touch with you and/or your family in regular intervals, tracking any developments that have occurred during your time with us.

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