Losing the ability to take care of yourself is a frightening experience. Suddenly, things that you’ve always taken for granted like getting yourself dressed, running errands or tidying the house can become challenging tasks.

When people can no longer adequately care for themselves, they lose their sense of independence and may even need to leave their homes. It can be a very upsetting situation for the individual  and for the people who care about them. 

If you or a loved one are going through this difficult experience, you are not alone. We work with many people just like you. Our Live-in Care service is designed to help keep you living at home for as long as possible.

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What is live-in care?

Our Live-in Care service matches you with live-in carers who you have personally chosen, and who will support you with round-the-clock care. They are employed directly by you and you can instruct them on how you would like to be assisted. Alternatively, we can employ live-in carers on your behalf. Help will always be close by, so that you can keep living life on your own terms.

What is the process?

My Care My Home helps you to manage the live-in care process, from sourcing your live-in carers to making sure you’re happy with the care you receive. The process usually looks like this:

1. Discussion 

We’ll speak to you about where you feel you need help. You can tell us about the challenges you’re experiencing and how you feel you could benefit from support. 

Usually, you’ll receive a care needs assessment so that we can understand exactly how we can best support you. 

2. Sourcing your personal assistants 

We have a wealth of fantastic live-in carers on our books, and we’ll source one who meets your specifications.

If no one suitable is immediately available, we’ll write a job description, conduct interviews and recruit a carer directly.

3. Care plan

Working closely with you, we’ll put together a detailed care plan, specifying exactly how you want to be supported. 

This will cover everything from what time you prefer to get up in the morning to which medications you take and how you like your tea. We’ll keep visiting you often to check you’re happy with the standard of care you receive.  

Types of Live-in Care


24-Hour Care at Home

24-hour care allows individuals to continue living in their homes while receiving round-the-clock support throughout their day.

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Overnight Care

Overnight care is often used to supplement a wider caring routine for elderly people suffering from issues that impact their sleep.

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Is Live-In Care Right For Me?

We share the ins and outs of live-in care so that you can make an informed decision, and know what to expect if you choose care at home.

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We work with the family

If a loved one requires live-in care but no longer has the capacity to make decisions, we will work closely with family to make sure their needs are met. 

Live-in carers - or personal assistants - can help you to do many of the things you would usually do. This can include:   

• Personal care 
• Giving medication
• Food shopping 
• Nutrition and Hydration
• Domestic Duties
• Laundry 
• Attending appointments
• Social outings

“People who receive live-in care are at three times less risk of a fall and four times less risk of a hip fracture than those living in a care home. (The Live-in Care Hub)”

Who is live-in care for?

Live-in care is for people who want to keep living in their homes, but who require frequent access to care and support. This is different to home care visits, where carers pay occasional visits to the home. 

There are a range of circumstances where live-in care is appropriate. 

Care home alternative

Many people opt for live-in care instead of moving into a care home. If you are a senior person looking for a care home alternative, you may prefer live-in care as you can continue to:

• Stay in the home you love
• Keep your routines 
• Be a part of your community
• Enjoy your favourite hobbies
• Maintain your sense of independence


Live-in care is also a good option for people would like to work with the same carers consistently. You’ll usually have a maximum of two carers: one principal carer and one who provides cover when your carer takes leave. This means that you and your carers will get to know each other well, and they’ll know your preferences to the letter.


If you live with a partner, you can still receive live-in care, whether just one or both of you require additional support. This means that you can keep living together with the peace of mind that you’re both receiving the care you need.

“I love my carers; they always know what I like best without them even asking me! They make me laugh and they say and do the nicest things for me.”

Live-in care from My Care My Home

My Care My Home offers a compassionate Live-in Care service to people across England and Wales. When you work with us, you can expect every member of our staff to be courteous, caring and understanding. Our aim is to empower senior people to live life in a way that is right for them, and often, that means living at home.

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Joanne Davies, Director of Care

“Our Live-in Care service treats everyone as an individual. We know that everyone who uses our service is different and we’re mindful of that when we’re sourcing live-in carers. We look for people who are genuinely motivated by making a difference, and who appreciate the importance of helping older people to remain as independent as possible.”

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