What happens to our property and possessions when we pass away? Without a will in place, those we leave behind won’t know our intentions. A will avoids unnecessary disagreements and provides reassurance that our partners, family and friends will be taken care of.

We work with retirement specialists who offer will writing services. We can help you to consider how you’d like to divide your assets and make sure your wishes are executed.

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What is a will?

A will is a legal document that sets out your intentions for your property and assets after you pass away. If any children under the age of eighteen are legally in your care, wills can also explain how they should be looked after.

The emotional process of losing a loved one can become even more difficult without a will in place. Whether you’d like your partner to inherit your property or have savings you’d like your grandchildren to share, wills help to avoid disputes and confusion for those who mean the most to you.

Who should make a will?

Some people believe that only very wealthy people need a will. This is not the case. Anybody who owns a property or has financial assets should have a will in place, as without one, decisions will usually be made by the courts.

Making a will with My Care My Home

We work alongside will writing specialists who can give advice and help with making a will. We’ll make sure your will covers all of your financial assets, leaving no room for confusion about how to divide your estate.

The will writing specialists can also help to update an existing will to account for any recent changes to your financial or personal circumstances. 


Yasmine John, CEO, My Care My Home

“A lot of people think that only very wealthy people need to make a will, but that’s not true. No matter your financial status, a will makes it possible to carry out your wishes when you pass away.”

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