Caregiving is a full-time, round-the-clock task with responsibilities extending far beyond traditional working hours. For people who struggle to maintain their daily duties, night time assistance and an overnight carer may be a vital asset.

If you’ve been researching overnight care and would like to know more, keep reading as we discuss how you can access it with My Care My Home.

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What is Overnight Care?

As its name suggests, overnight care describes when a carer provides their services in a home environment overnight. It is used mostly to supplement a wider caring routine.

Overnight care is delivered by providers of either ad-hoc, 24-hour home care, or through live-in carers who permanently reside in a patient’s household.

Some overnight care responsibilities include:

• Medication
• Dressing and undressing
• Continence assistance
• Personal care
• Emergency responses

Who is Overnight Care For?

Overnight care is mostly useful for elderly people suffering from various issues that are impacting their sleep. Regardless, overnight care can be a highly effective solution to improving care and providing both patients and families with peace of mind.


Elderly Patients

For elderly people, night time poses some complicated challenges. From general aches and pains to shifting sleep schedules, it’s something that often requires a helping hand. Overnight care is especially useful for elderly patients as it guarantees that help is available at all times.



By ensuring loved ones are no longer alone, overnight care allows families to concentrate on other daily tasks.

“I was extremely impressed with your service to my uncle and cannot thank you enough.” - Wendy Davies

How My Care My Home Can Help

Here at My Care My Home, we work with highly trained care professionals with many years of experience in overnight care to provide our clients with the absolute best solution for their needs.

Through our combined knowledge, we are able to provide independent financial advice, as well as orchestrate many typical care procedures like capacity assessments.

If you live in South Wales or Wigan, we can provide our caring services directly. Failing this, we can consult with our network of registered, friendly carers to find someone that suits you.

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