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For vulnerable adults requiring care, support and advice

Measured Assessment in your own home (This is a chargeable service)

My Care My Home has developed a calibrated measured assessment which, on the basis of the answers that are provided to a series of questions, will enable us to calculate how many one on one hours of care are required each week. The outcome of this service is a printed copy of the responses that have been given, the calculation of hours and recommendations on the appropriate service setting for the individual to ensure that their needs will be fully met along with recommendations on any highlighted risk factors that will help the individual to remain safe. If required this can also include a capacity assessment.

Once the level of care needed has been worked out it is time to consider just how you want to receive the care. Often people assume that a residential care home is needed but this is not always the best option and indeed not the only option available in many cases. If, like most people, your care assessment indicates you need less than 25 hours of one to one care each week then there are lots of options available to you. These include:

MCMH Domiciliary Care MCMH Hospital Discharge MCMH Care in Care MCMH Choose your own

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