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Who Are We?

What is My Care My Home?

  • A care advice service guiding you to the care that’s right for you.
  • Your advocate and champion monitoring your care and ensuring it remains of a high standard.
  • An introductory service to specialist Independent Financial Advisers who can advise you how to fund your care.
  • Meet the team

How and why was it started?

  • My Care My Home was created by Shaw healthcare (Homes) Ltd an exempt charity dedicated to improving the quality of care provided by domiciliary care providers and care homes and to help people to secure funding for their care without always having to sell their home.
  • It is now 100% owned by Shaw healthcare (Group) Limited, which provides £100 million of care services every year to people in the community.
  • Shaw healthcare (Group) is owned 70% by its employees and 30% by Shaw healthcare (Homes).

How is it now financed?

  • By the charges which it makes on its chargeable services

How is it both linked with, yet separate from Shaw healthcare (Group)?

  • It is linked because some of the directors of My Care My Home are also directors of Shaw healthcare (Group).
  • It provides a totally separate service (on advice, care monitoring, property letting, sales and letting services) from Shaw healthcare (Group) which provides care homes and care services.
  • The operational staff employed by My Care My Home are separate from the operational staff that operate Shaw healthcare (Group) care services.