MCHC Home Care

"The service I received was absolutely first class. The assessment and aftercare I received could not have been better.
The carers who visited me were wonderful, especially [the carer] who stayed with me overnight.
The discharge and explanation of what was to follow was clear and easy to understand... it was very impressive."

DD, April 2018
"Your Hospital Social Worker was particularly very helpful and charming. I was very impressed."
ZP, April 2018
"[I was] very satisfied with all of the service from start to finish, especially as I wanted to go home as soon as possible.
How quick it was done was fantastic! No faults at all."
MW, April 2018
"It was one of the best 
I have seen. [The carers were] so good, it’s a pity we could not keep them.
Everyone that came here were friendly and could not do enough! Thank you very much."
JMR, April 2018
"They were marvellous! The carers were very caring and they could not do enough for you."
MS, May 2018
"[The carers] were marvellous.
They helped me in the shower from the day that I came home from hospital and now I am able to do it myself. I had never had anything like that before, they were friendly and made me feel very comfortable. One of the girls even visited me afterwards to see how I was. My daughters were very pleased with the girls too. I could not fault them, thank you very much."
MP, May 2018
"I am very pleased with the carers who attended me, as they were both polite and respectful in every way."

BS, May 2018

"I cannot fault the care I received when I came home from hospital."
LH, June 2018
"The staff that came to visit me were careful and more than helpful."
EC, May 2018
"We are sad to see 
the carers go. Thank you for identifying the problems. Before you came along it was going on and on and on and now we seem
 to have had all problems identified and its
 running smoothly."
RC, May 2018
"I was extremely impressed with your service to my uncle and cannot thank you enough."
WD, March 2019
"I have made some lovely Friends through both Support staff and Office staff since they have been caring for my Wife. I have found myself to be quite lonely sometimes because of my Wife’s condition as she doesn’t speak, so its really great to get on so well with the team, I have a good laugh and chat with them and without them, I don’t know where we would be, they are fantastic and I am so so thankful! The Office and Management are great with us and are always there if we need anything extra."
IC (JC's Husband), February 2019
"Andrea and Suzanne who mainly care for my Mum are amazing, my Mum loves them! They always go above and beyond and make the most of their scheduled time with my Mum, by doing odd jobs around the house to support her, they are like our Family!"
CB (EB's Daughter), February 2019
"I love my Carers, they don’t half look after me and always know what I like best without them even asking me! I look forward to their visits because they are the Company I wait for each day. They make me laugh and I know they like to see me too because of the way they care for me. They say and do the nicest things for me."

PD, March 2019
"Cath Wood who is a good Friend of Edna’s asked me to do the review over the phone with her as Edna is hard of hearing, so I went through everything with Cath, who informed me that Edna is always telling her how good and supportive our staff are, she said they always do their best and always make sure Edna is comfortable and has everything she needs before they leave."
EB, March 2019

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