The Care and Home Inheritance Plan (also known as the CHIP) is for those moving into a care home who would otherwise have to sell their home to fund their care.

What is the process?

The Care and Home Inheritance Plan (also known as the CHIP) is for those moving into a care home who would otherwise have to sell their home to fund their care. If you don't want to deplete the wealth stored in the property or have the hassle of renting it out, the CHIP could be the solution for you.

1. Arrange a Free Consultation

We will call to discuss your family’s circumstances or any care related concerns. Our Care Advisors are ready to help you by providing independent advice to suit your individual needs. They will assess to see if a CHIP is an appropriate solution and if so, we'll offer to refer you to Shaw Lifetime Care so that they can provide you with more details.

2. Provision of a Free Care Needs Assessment

Once you have decided that the CHIP is the right solution for you, we will provide a free care needs assessment in the comfort of your own home. The assessment ensures that a move into a Care Facility is the right choice.

3. A Personal Financial Assessment

Following on from the Care Needs Assessment, your dedicated Advisor will discuss the cost of your preferred care facility and calculate the funds required. The Advisor will be personally assigned to you and will be your ongoing contact throughout the life of the CHIP.

4. Property Assessment

We will arrange for our Property Manager to perform the required inspections.

5. Presentation of your Personal Care and Home Inheritance Plan

Once all the information has been collated, your dedicated advisor will discuss your personalised Care and Home Inheritance Plan with you.

6. Pre-Completion of Plan

Once you have confirmed that you would like to proceed with the CHIP, the legal paperwork will be drafted and completion can proceed. This is a no-obligation service and all costs associated are included in the Care and Home Inheritance Plan.

7. The CHIP Completion

Once completed, you and your family will have peace of mind knowing that the CHIP is in place, and that the agreed sum will be paid directly to your Care Home each month.

8. Ongoing Support

Your dedicated Advisor always remains at hand to answer any questions you may have. And remember; with a CHIP you never run out of money to help pay care fees – however long you live.

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Care and Home Inheritance Plan

The Care and Home Inheritance Plan offers an alternative to selling your home to pay for your care home fees.

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