Funerals are becoming increasingly expensive. Many people have preferences about how they’d like to be laid to rest. Sadly, prohibitive funeral costs mean that sometimes, it’s not possible for friends or family members to carry out their loved one’s wishes. 

A prepaid funeral plan can help you to pay for your funeral, so that you can be sure your wishes will be carried out as you’d like them to be. Funeral plans also help to give you the peace of mind that those closest to you will not be burdened with unexpected funeral fees.

We work in partnership with a specialist funeral plan provider. We can answer any question you have about paying for your funeral in advance, helping you to put a suitable funeral plan in place.

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What are Prepaid Funeral Plans?

A prepaid funeral plan is a financial product that allows you to protect those you love from unexpected costs that often arise when someone passes away.

Funeral plans can factor in everything from funeral director fees to the cost of a memorial service. The price of your preferred funeral will be calculated, and you can pay for it in advance, either with a one-off lump sum, or in monthly instalments over an agreed period.

A core benefit of a prepaid funeral plan is that your funeral fees will never change. If, for example, the cost of a memorial service increases in the future, your plan will honour the price you paid.


The average cost of a funeral in the UK is over £4,400. (SunLife)

Who are Prepaid Funeral Plans for?

People who are approaching old age, or who have been diagnosed with an illness often choose a prepaid funeral plan. The retirement specialists we work with can guarantee a prepaid funeral plan to anybody over the age of 50.

Prepaid funeral plans are also suitable for those who are concerned that their family will not be able to afford to pay for a funeral and want to avoid burdening them with the costs. 

It can be worrying to feel that your final wishes might not be carried out because of financial barriers. Prepaid funeral plans are the best way to avoid this issue, helping you to alleviate your worries by paying for your funeral in advance.

Prepaid Funeral Plans from My Care My Home

We work alongside retirement specialists who can offer prepaid funeral plans that suit a range of preferences. 

Through our partner provider, there are four tiers of funeral plan available. You will be advised on the best plan to meet your requirements.

A funeral plan covers: 

• Care of the deceased
• Visitation to the funeral home
• A coffin
• A hearse
• Pallbearers
• Funeral service
• A funeral plan can also help you to register your wishes, such as:
• Cremation or burial preferences
• Funeral attendants and speakers
• Music and readings
• Reception arrangements

The level of detail is up to you. Often, providing your loved ones with a little guidance about your wishes can give them comfort during a very difficult time.

We can help you to find the right plan for you, making sure that your wishes are recorded to the letter.


Yasmine John, CEO, My Care My Home

“Because funerals are becoming so expensive, prepaid funeral plans are one of the best ways to make sure your family isn’t burdened with the cost.” 

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