Making plans for your future finances can help make things easier for you later in life. By putting plans in place now, you’ll be more comfortable in old age.

We work with independent financial advisors who specialise in later life financial planning. These advisors can give you guidance on every aspect of your finances, from pensions to property. 

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What is independent financial advice?

Independent financial advice helps you to create a financial plan that will bring rewards later in life. Whether you’d like to make sure you can support your family or just want to enjoy your retirement, our advisors can assess your finances and put a plan in place to benefit your future.

Our financial specialists can advise you on areas including:  

• Pensions
• Tax
• Insurance policies
• Investments
• Funding care
• Property 


People who seek financial advice have an average of £25,859 more in pension savings than those who don’t. (ILC)

Who is independent financial advice for?

People who would like support with getting the most out of their finances could benefit from independent financial advice. 

While it’s never too early to begin your financial planning, this service is primarily used by those over the age of 50. 

“This was unknown territory for me. I was so grateful for My Care My Home's help.”

Independent financial advice from My Care My Home

We work closely with trusted independent financial advisors. Your first consultation with an advisor will be free of charge. 

Our advisors will discuss every aspect of your finances in detail and create a tailored plan of action to help set you up for success in later life.


Yasmine John, CEO, My Care My Home

Independent financial advice can help you reflect on your current finances and the steps you should take to enjoy life as you get older.

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