Mr Harris' Story

Mr Harris contacted My Care My Home after being advised to do so by his local dementia support group. Mr Harris explained that his mother, Olive, had been living independently in a retirement living development but due to a diagnosis of dementia her mental health was declining.

Mr Harris felt that Olive now required daily support for preparing meals and prompting her to take her medication which she had started to forget so was looking for a domiciliary care provider to ensure Olive's needs would be met.

Mr Harris conducted the search himself using the Find Care feature on the My Care My Home’s website, we arranged a call back 3 days later to check on his progress.

• Mr Harris’ mother needed extra support preparing meals and prompting her to take her medication.
• He needed to find a care home that could meet her needs and his specifications.
• Using the My Care My Home database of care providers, Mr Harris was able to source a suitable care home for Olive.

How can My Care My Home help?

  • Mr Harris could use My Care My Home’s Shortlisting Service to search for and shortlist providers on his behalf.

  • My Care My Home’s website offers a database of all care providers in England and Wales which Mr Harris could use free of charge to identify providers in Olive’s local area and to make his own enquiries.

  • The database on My Care My Home’s website also gives information of each care providers regulatory status with the regulating body, the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which would allow Mr Harris to also check each care providers performance with the regulator before making an enquiry.


“My experience of My Care My Home was a pleasure.

Kirsten was compassionate and very motivated to help.

I would recommend their service unreservedly.”

– Mr Harris

Ongoing support

On the follow up call, Mr Harris explained that he and his brother had successfully sourced a suitable care provider for Olive who could meet her requirements, were fully compliant with the CQC, and could start providing the care package immediately.

Mr Harris expressed that he was grateful for the advice and guidance he had received and said he would contact My Care My Home again should he require any further assistance. We followed up again with Mr Harris a few weeks later and all was going well with their chosen care provider.

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