Marc's Story

Marc was referred to My Care My Home by London Borough of Barnet Adult Social Care who advised he contact us for advice around funding nursing care for his mother-in-law, Valerie who had been diagnosed with dementia and required additional care.

Marc needed to know whether Valerie would qualify for NHS-funded nursing care as Valerie's property had been sold to help fund her care. At this point, we recognised that Marc would benefit from a consultation with an Independent Financial Advisor who would be able to provide more specialist advice on the situation.

We were able to refer Marc to a SOLLA accredited Independent Financial Advisor who advised that Valerie would not qualify for NHS-funded nursing care but they could put a care plan in place to  secure Valerie’s funding for the time that she would require care. 

• Marc contacted My Care My Home around funding his mother-in-law’s care, and whether she would be eligible for NHS-funded nursing care.
• With Marc’s consent, we made a referral to an Independent Financial Advisor.
• The Independent Financial Advisor was able to put a care plan in place to secure his mother-in-law's funding for the time that she would require care.


“An excellent service - was referred to by Barnet Council as I had a query about NHS-funded nursing care.

Received several calls from My Care My Home and an expert and they were able to provide information that I was completely unaware of.

Very much appreciate the service.”

 – Marc, Valerie's son-in-law

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