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Care in a Care Home


In a care home you have your own private bedroom (which may have ensuite facilities) and then share living and dining rooms with other residents.

Care staff are on duty day and night and available to help you with any tasks you cannot manage for yourself.

In well run homes your freedom to get up, go to bed and whether to eat any meal in your own room or in the dining area, is respected. In less well run homes this freedom may be more restricted.

Every aspect of care homes is regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England, the Commission for Social Services Inspectorate for Wales and Social Care and Social Work Improvement in Scotland.

Care homes are registered (or licensed) by the Regulator for specific types of care and these are listed on the Care Search page, as well as the regulators report.

Winifred Lammers is enjoying life in a care home. Click to read her story.

I didn’t worry about coming into a care home, I looked forward to it, to tell you the truth. I had been living alone at home and while I had been able to stagger to the bus stop with a walking stick, I had had a couple of nasty falls. Once, I fell in the garden and broke my leg and by the time help arrived it was midnight. That was worrying.

Whereas life in here is very good. The carers are all very nice – they’re very, very good – and I enjoy daily life. There are activities almost every day: somebody comes and plays the guitar, or there’s tai chi and art classes. I like tai chi – it’s very good exercise, especially if your fingers are getting a bit arthritic. You feel tired afterwards, but I feel as though it does us good! And when you go to these, you meet the others in the home. I’ve got a very nice man I play scrabble with in the afternoons. He’s Rod, and he’s 96 and Polish – but his English is perfect. Who wins? We’re pretty evenly matched!