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Measuring Quality

How can someone ensure that they get good rather than poor care?

  • By choosing a well rated Care provider.
  • By engaging a Care Monitoring Service.
  • By Choosing your Own Carer / Personal Assistant.

Your search results for Domiciliary Care and Care Home searches will give three types of Quality rating; the Regulator’s rating, My Care My Home’s rating, and the customer rating. Your results for Extra Care will not include a Regulator rating because Extra Care schemes are not regulated although any Domiciliary Care Provider delivering care to anyone in an Extra Care scheme is required to be registered however, within the next few months this will include an industry standard rating.

The Regulator’s Rating

If you click on this rating in the search listings it will take you straight through to the Regulator’s website and you will see the Regulator’s latest report on the care service.


The rating service is yet to be launched and we expect it will be some months before we have audited a significant number of care services within any particular county.

The Customer Rating

The number of hearts shown in this column is the average of the scores given by those customers who have rated the service.  To read the individual customer reviews you will need to click on the “View Full Listing” for that service – if the operator has elected to provide that service.

We expect it will be some months before many care services will have accumulated significant numbers of customer reviews.