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NHS Help

A person whose health, and indeed life, are at risk without continuous healthcare support, may be eligible for continuing healthcare support from the NHS.

Your assessment by a health care professional may indicate that you are entitled to have your care paid for by the NHS. This award of Continuing Care Funding is not readily given. Although in the view of the professional assessor you may qualify for this, the local NHS assessment panel may not agree. Those who find themselves in this position have sometimes turned for help to law firms specialising in arguing the case for the award of Continuing Healthcare Funding.

  • Note that “may be eligible for” does not mean that the local awarding panel will make the award. If awarded then the applicantís care and support costs, once the award is made, will be met in full by the NHS.
  • So although the application can be made by anyone (search “Continuing Healthcare” on the web for guidance) it is more likely to be successful if made either by your local Social Services Department or GP, or by a member or the hospital discharge team if you have been in hospital.
  • Your My Care My Home care adviser will say if they consider that you may be eligible. If so you should apply to your local Social Services or GP to make an application for Continuing Healthcare Support.