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Handling the Cost of Care

The cost of your care depends on the care lifestyle you choose, and can be very different in the different care lifestyles, even with the same number of one-to-one care hours.

This first table shows the average likely cost of domiciliary care per week for differing care hours, whether that takes place in your own home or in an extra care flat. These costs do not include normal running costs of living in your home.

This table shows the average weekly cost of care in a care home for a variety of required care hours. These prices do include normal running costs such as heating, lighting, rates and food.


In both cases there will be a weekly charge that will not be dependent on the number of one to one care hours you require.

There are a variety of ways you can pay for the care you need. You may be lucky enough to have assets you can use, whether that’s your income, your savings or the value of your home. Alternatively there are insurance policies that can pay for your current or future care needs. An Independent Financial Advisor may be help you to work out what is best for you based on your financial situation.

You may be able to get help with the costs of care from your local council, NHS or the DWP.