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Getting the Quality you Deserve

Having decided on the lifestyle (Care at home, Extra Care or Care Home) that is right for you, you must choose the Care Provider or a shortlist of three Care providers that appear to best suit your requirements.  If you wish, My Care My Home can conduct an audit of and provide you with a written report on your three shortlisted Care Providers.

Negotiating the Right Contract

Choosing the care service you wish to use, and the specific care provider, is just the first step. Next you need to negotiate the right contract that ensures you receive the care you need. You will need a contract whether you choose to use a domiciliary care service at your home, whether you use our Choose your Own Carer / Personal Assistant (employment contract) or an extra care apartment, or are moving into a care home.

Monitoring your Care

Employing a good Care Monitoring Service helps to ensure that you do in fact receive the care stipulated in your contract. It can sometimes be hard to ‘make a fuss’ when things aren’t quite right. My Care My Home offer a monitoring service and can make the fuss for you! Call our advisors free on 0800 731 8470 to find out more.

Typical Care Failings

Unfortunately, it is a fact, that care providers are not always up to scratch. If you visit a care home, it is usually obvious if they lack empathy and kindness, but here is a list of failings which should make you stop and walk out of the Care facility.

Interventions to Correct Care Failings

If the care you are receiving starts to deteriorate at any time, your contract comes into play. It may be easier if you use a Monitoring Service as there will be regular review meetings where any concerns can be raised by your Care Advisor.