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Getting Help With The Costs

How much care do you really need?

If you have to meet most of the cost of your care from your own resources you will want to be sure how many hours of care a week you must have for your safety, health and peace of mind.

Remember to take into account:

  • Your need for care is greater when you have just come out of hospital or recovering from an infection, than when you are well and stronger.
  • Adaptations to your home can make you much more independent of carers.

Local Council

It is possible to apply for help from your local council if you meet certain conditions. This may restrict your choice of care provider.

NHS Assistance

If your health is at risk without continuous healthcare support, the NHS may be able to pay this. This will be assessed by the Council.

DWP Help

Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance are not means tested, but are discretionary, and it is a complex process to apply for these benefits.