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Involving Your Family


If you involve your family in your deliberations about your care and lifestyle, both you and they may be very surprised to discover that neither of you really knew what the other was thinking!

To help you get the family discussion started and keep it flowing, you may find the following questions useful points to cover in any family discussion:

  • Would you prefer to stay in your own home if at all possible?
  • If your care could be well provided for in a specialist flat (an extra care flat) or retirement living scheme, would you prefer this more social lifestyle to living in your existing home?
  • Do you think you could find the company and the busy activity of a good care home more attractive than living in your own home alone?
  • Is it very important to you that your family inherits your home?
  • Would your children prefer if you used your home to fund your care rather than to save it for them?


“I thought I knew what my dad wanted; I couldn’t have been more wrong.”


While you are discussing your options and working through the decision making process, these are the key points to remember:

  • Good care and high levels of care can be provided in your own home if you want it and this is the perfect solution for many people.
  • Moving to a more specialist home or extra care flat in a more social setting (and selling or renting your present home) has proved to be a rewarding new beginning for many people.
  • Moving into the right care home has given many people the interests, activity and company that they have been missing in their own home. This can make it a very happy choice.