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Deciding You Need Care

Once you have made the decision that you need some form of care, you need to decide what form this should take. There are many things to take into consideration, and My Care My Home are happy to hold your hand while you make these crucial lifestyle choices. First though, you should decide how you yourself feel about the various options, and discuss the matter with your family. Then you will be in a position to give My Care My Home a free call on 0800 731 8470 and book an appointment for your free care assessment.

Deciding You Need Care

Visit in your own Home

Our care advisor will visit you at home at a date and time that suits you and your family. The advisor will answer your questions and guide you to where you can get further information.

This is an opportunity to explain more about the quite different ways you can have care in your own home (Choose your own Carer / Personal Assistant / domiciliary care) or in an extra care flat with domiciliary care or in a care home. These offer very different lifestyles.

The care advisor will assess how many hours of care each week you should plan to receive. They will do this simply by asking you a number of questions about your daily routine and from this they can tell you how many hours of one-to-one care you should plan to obtain. This will also tell you what your care will cost (if the Council or NHS will not pay, which in most cases they will not).

Measured Assessment in your own home (This is a chargeable service)

My Care My Home has developed a calibrated a measurement system which, on the basis of the answers that are provided to a series of questions will enable us to calculate how many one on one hours of care are required each week. The assessment tool has been validated by the University of Warwick.

The outcome of this service is a printed copy of the responses that have been given, the calculation of hours and recommendations on the appropriate service setting for the individual to ensure that their needs will be fully met along with recommendations on any highlighted risk factors that will help the individual to remain safe.