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Few people over the age of sixty-five consider themselves as old, but it seems that they still suffer from ageism, which is the term given to discriminatory treatment metered out to older people purely on account of their age. Many see the way that older people are viewed as a social mind-set which is no… read full article

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When a loved one dies, the world seems to suddenly change. Even if you had been expecting it, you may be overwhelmed with a mixture of feelings which seem quite alien, and without support and help it is difficult to come to terms with not only with your loss, but also with your own feelings.… read full article

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Your own personal history

As you get older, you find yourself in a very privileged position. You have first-hand knowledge of what life was like in decades gone by. Depending on your age, you might be able to tell stories of the Second World War, such as the ways you coped with rationing or what it felt like when… read full article

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Counting sheep

It’s not much help to know that one should get around seven to eight hours sleep when you find yourself wide awake at four in the morning. The only constructive thing to do seems to be getting out of bed, making a cup of tea and finding a good book. Often sleep patterns change as… read full article

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Managing medication

Sometimes the number of pills and potions one has to take becomes confusing, and it is not unusual to forget when you should be taking them and if you have taken them. Without a clear routine for ensuring that you are taking them all correctly, you may find that you have either overdosed or not… read full article

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Staying in your home

Our homes are places that are precious to us. Sometimes they are havens of peace that we have lived in for many years and hold numerous memories which we want to hold on to for as long as we is possible. The place where we spent many happy years is the place where we want… read full article

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The benefits of beetroot

Many people enjoy a healthy salad, and it seems that if we add a good helping of beetroot we do ourselves a favour. Is beetroot the new wonder food? Evidently Napoleon thought a lot of beetroot, but he was more interested in the sugar content than anything else. Maybe he wasn’t as concerned about his… read full article

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The advantages of owning a pet

If you seem to be permanently struggling with high blood pressure, obsessed with your cholesterol levels and wondering how on earth you can ever get them down to manageable proportions it may be time to turn your thoughts in a different direction to find a solution. One idea that you may never have thought of… read full article

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Reducing the risk of a fall

Many older people suffer a fall with sometimes serious physical consequences and inconvenience. Their otherwise healthy lives are disrupted, confidence is often damaged and seemingly endless trips to doctors, fracture clinics and physiotherapists takes up hours of time….with not only financial cost but also the need to reorganise lifestyle and routine for a considerable length… read full article

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Dig for fitness

If you are looking for a way to keep fit that is more rewarding than just burning calories why not try gardening? According to many experts, gardening is an all-round aid to fitness, both physically and mentally and if you attend gardening clubs it can also be a way of making new friends whilst discussing… read full article

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